Inspired by Australia’s arid coastlines and desert landscapes. Our timeless designs in earthen colour palettes are produced in limited runs, removing the emphasis from acquisition of material and towards a connection to the things that really matter.  

Where the city meets the sea

For those who relish feeling the cool, ocean current on the heel of their hand, the sting of salt and the sun-warmed sand. It’s for those who know the gift of bright mornings, long evenings and idle hours in-between. It’s for making space for discovery, embracing the elements and daring to reclaim one’s time.

Hakea is for a life that celebrates leisure and adventure. A minute, an hour or a day  – taken to slowly peel an orange, steal away to surf or cook an elaborate meal and eat it al fresco. Inhaling the moment with the shoulders dropped, eyes smiling and mind at ease - Hakea is for that state-of-being – most fleeting and precious – of feeling uninhibited and free.

Seek the sun; travel near and far.

Plastic Free Packaging

We do our best to make sure our minimal packaging is low waste, biodegradable, recyclable or re-usable.

environmental care

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment we are proud to partner with 1% For The Planet and donate to conserve and preserve our natural spaces.

small scale production

Our timeless and versatile shapes are designed for longevity. Made in small batches with recycled and natural fibres to limit our footprint.