For the woman that’s really living. The surfer, the mama, the traveller, the adventurer and the water lover.


surf swimwear

Small scale production

Diverging from the typical ‘four per year’ model, Hakea reduces waste by releasing small collections on an inspiration-only basis, or according to requests from customers for a particular style or cut. We’ve built a strong relationship with our small team of manufacturers in Bali, who we make sure work happily in comfortable conditions and are paid fairly for their work.


sustainable recycled surf wear

Made to last

We want you to cherish your Hakea pieces for many seasons to come, so we focus on creating timeless and versatile designs, made with durable fabrics. In 2018 we began producing a selection of pieces using Econyl; a high quality Italian nylon, recycled from ghost fishing nets and fabric mill scraps. Econyl is resilient against chlorine, UPF 50+ and resists breakage up to five times longer than standard fabrics. Produced using water and energy efficient methods, our fabric is also 100% free from harmful chemicals and kind on your skin.


versatile swimwear

Low waste shipping

We do our best to reduce the waste that occurs when transporting goods, by making sure the bulk of our shipping process is plastic-free. Our manufacturer ships our stock in biodegradable cassava root bags and cardboard boxes which we re-use. Our online post bags are made of corn starch and are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Each Hakea piece comes with a reusable calico bag and compostable labels that are printed with non- toxic ink in a solar powered factory.