Hakea Holiday Guide: a design-led and surf-centric guide to Lombok

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Words by Hakea Founder, Casey Eastwell
7 June 2024

Our latest trip was centred around surfing in the South Coast of Central Lombok. We meandered along the rugged coast finding surf spots for all levels and vantage points for dreamy sunsets. One of the best we saw from our hotel. Read on to find out where we stayed.

Getting to Lombok from Bali is just a 45 minute plane ride, a surfer's paradise that offers a tranquil alternative to its bustling neighbour. If you're flying with surfboards, I recommend flying with Citilink. They include 10kg of luggage without an extra fee for boards. While Lombok boasts quiet roads and smaller crowds for now — trendy cafes and restaurants are popping up all over the place — making now the perfect time to visit.

Getting Around

We usually hire scooters to get around, however, to truly experience Lombok's charm, we recommend hiring a car. This allowed us the freedom to explore the island at our own pace and is especially handy if you're travelling with surfboards, luggage and staying in a few different spots. For our most recent trip in April (the tail end of the wet season), we visited three areas; Kuta, Gerupuk, and Ekas. Each one with its own unique vibe and attractions.

Best Surf Spots In Lombok

Our favourite surf spots for beginner, intermediate and advanced — along with the time of year that's best to go.

November to April are the ideal months to surf when winds drop, surf breaks start working and waves are glassy. In saying that, you can find consistent waves year-round, making Lombok a dependable surf destination no matter when you visit. 

Catering to all skill levels and preferences, you'll find a mix of reef, rocky point and beach breaks. The easiest spots to get to are just a 30-minute drive from Kuta. Whether you're perfecting your cross-step on a longboard or cutbacks on a shortboard, you'll find the perfect wave in Lombok.



Selong Belanak: a sandy beach break that works year round for those who have never surfed before.

Ekas: a good place to start for beginners with long mellow waves, the wave usually breaks year-round and is protected from the wind however it needs a bit of swell which sadly we missed out on but I've heard it's a super fun long ride for a log.

Beginner to Intermediate 

Inside Gerupuk and Don-Don (wet season): both breaks in the Gerupuk Bay offer rights and lefts that are perfect for longboarding and get more advanced as the swell picks up. The waves work most of the year however, the winds tend to be better in the wet season. 

Tanjung Aan (wet season): best in the wet season also, an a-frame wave in the middle of the bay with long runners that make it good for longboarding.

Intermediate to Advanced

Mawi (dry season): typically works best in the dry season however, we had a fun day here in April. An a-frame reef break that barrels and is best for experienced surfers when the swell is big however, on smaller days it has a more mellow left that I had fun surfing on a mid-length. 

Outside Right & Left Gerupuk (wet season): two reef breaks that pick up a lot of swell and offer fast hollow waves. 

Seger (wet season): a sharp shallow reef break with plenty of sea urchins. The wave works best on mid-size days as it can’t handle a big swell and offers a snappy right and a more mellow left. 

Are Guling (wet season): right and left reef breaks that are in the middle of the bay you can get a boat out too.

Desert Point (dry season) - located on the southwestern tip, this is the most famous break in Lombok and suited to experienced surfers chasing big swell. Typically bigger swells hit in dry season. 

Dry season: May - September   |  Wet season: October - April


Where To Stay

Kuta: Kuta places you close to nightlife and a variety of restaurants. Mama Pizza is one of our favourites (you can find more plus some accommodation recs in our Google Maps list below). Kuta is a lively spot, perfect if you like a bit of evening buzz after a day in the water.

If you're travelling solo or want to improve your surf skills, consider staying at Lombok Surf School Xanadu, which offers great options for solo travellers and surf enthusiasts looking to brush up on their techniques. 

Gerupuk: Just a 15-minute scooter ride from Kuta is Gerupuk Bay. The best place to stay here is Inlight, an ideal spot if you want a quieter retreat or you're travelling with a partner. Inlight offers boats to take you out to any of the breaks in Gerupuk Bay right from the resort, making it incredibly convenient for surfers. 

Ekas: A little bit longer to get too. We drove our car all the way around Awang Bay, about an hour’s drive from Kuta however, you can organise a guide to drive you to the local port at Awang Bay and get a boat across or out to the breaks. 

For a luxurious treat and amazing sunsets staying at Innit Ekas is a must, particularly for architecture and design lovers. Much like the Hakea design ethos, the interiors at Innit are sleek, understated and defined by natural materials and colours. Innit consists of seven villas built on the water's edge. Each villa offers a continuation of indoor/outdoor open plan living, with sand floors adding to the feeling of remote paradise. 

The beds are the comfiest you'll ever rest your head on, and the staff are so welcoming and friendly. Sustainability is a key aspect of these hotels, adding to their appeal. When the swell is big enough, you can get a boat out to both inside or outside Ekas surf breaks from your doorstep. And, for when there’s no swell, the hotel offers plenty of activities or just laze by the tranquil infinity pool with a cocktail.


innit lombok ekas


innit lombok ekas


innit lombok ekas


Final Thoughts

Lombok is a true gem for those seeking a surf escape. From the bustling energy of Kuta to the quiet charm of Gerupuk and the architectural beauty of Innit, Ekas, there's something for everyone. Whether you're on the hunt for waves or simply soaking in the island vibes, Lombok promises an unforgettable experience. And, you can forget your wetsuit, there's nothing quite like surfing in warmer waters and we have a selection of sustainable and chic surf swimsuits for first time surfers and those who have been in the water their whole lives. Find a little inspiration from our shoot in Lombok with longboarder Shaanti Senaratne here


Download our full google maps list here with saved places to eat, surf and stay. 

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