Russh: 25 One Piece Swimsuits We're Coverting For Summer

Russh 25 swimsuit we've coveting for summer


Russh: 25 One Piece Swimsuits We're Coverting For Summer 

WORDS Jasmine Pirovic  PUBLISHED 18 Nov 2022

Every summer we find ourselves in need of a new uniform. A swimsuit that can handle mango juice racing down our forearms into its seams. One that won't fly up when we plunge from the rocks into the ocean, or loosen as we reach just a little further to pull that frisbee from the tree. What we need is a one-piece – the all-purpose beachwear attire – that will stand up to hours submerged in salt water and even longer spent in the sun. It helps if it looks good, too. Although, I'm yet to find a person who doesn't radiate in a maillot. So without further hesitation, find our favourite one-piece swimsuits for 2022, below. From Matteau to Gimaguas to Nu Swim to Isa Boulder...


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