What is ECONYL?


Since the dawn of the industrial revolution, companies have been operating on the linear model of ‘take, make and waste’. Today as we look for solutions to the climate crisis, a new circular model for industry is emerging.

Much like in the natural world, a circular model business takes waste and turns it into useful products. At the end of the product's life, a circular model business will find ways of disposing of it that leaves a minimal trace on the environment or is recycled into a new form — thus closing the loop of production. 

Our swimwear fabric is made from ECONYL recycled nylon. Based in Italy, Aquafil - the company behind ECONYL - rescues ghost fishing nets and discarded man made plastics from the ocean to repurpose into nylon fibre. Up to 40% of plastic waste in the ocean is nylon - so by repurposing this waste that would otherwise stay in the environment for hundreds of years before breaking down they are also helping to clean up our oceans. 

Aquafil's process of turning discarded ocean plastics and fabric mill scraps into regenerated nylon employs a system which uses less water, and produces less carbon and nitrous oxide emissions than standard nylon production. The final product is exactly the same quality as virgin nylon with much less effect on our planet. 

For every 10,000 tonnes of ECONYL produced, it saves 70,000 barrels of crude oil and avoids 65,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being produced with standard nylon. 

While synthetic fibres are the most durable and will provide the most longevity, they can release microfibers, even ECONYL. The best way to minimise this is by using a wash bag or filter in your washing machine or by purchasing recycled nylon goods that don’t require regular washing, like swimwear. 


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