Plastic Free Packaging


We do our best to make sure our packaging is low waste and responsibly thought out. Starting with our manufacturer, who ships our stock in biodegradable cassava root bags and cardboard boxes.

Your online orders are sent out in re-usable calico bags with no unnecessary swing tags or packaging. Both the swing tags we do use, and our thank-you cards are printed onto an uncoated and recycled paper stock. All packaged in a 100% biodegradable and compostable corn starch postage satchel and sealed with a compostable sticker printed with non-toxic inks in a solar powered factory in Australia. 

After a long time searching we are so happy to have made the switch to plastic free, compostable hygiene liners for our swimwear. Better for you and better for the planet. Read about how we're giving back to our planet in a bid for a better future here.

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