Hakea Woman: local longboarder Mia Francis

hakea woman surfer mia francis


Could you tell us where your surfing journey began? 

I grew up in Lennox Head and my dad is a surfer so most days started at the beach sitting on the front of his board. My confidence in the ocean came later when I started Surf Life Saving. More recently I’ve focused on longboarding and see no end in sight. 


What board are you currently riding most?

My quiver currently consists of 3 longboards, each of them I have for surfing in very different conditions. Lately, throughout summer, I’ve been surfing a 9’4 nose rider and loving the pace of it. 


What does a typical day in your life look like?

A typical day for me will both start and end listening to music, music helps me do everything. I currently work as a professional lifeguard at my local beaches so between work and play I’m pretty much always around the beach. My days are pretty simple at the moment which I’m grateful for and try to always be having fun with friends! 



When you find something you love to do and it helps get you through the tough times in your life it’s pretty special. For me, that’s surfing. 



If you're not surfing, what can we find you doing?

When the waves are flat I love to recharge, which could mean heading inland for a drive (while listening to music of course) to a waterfall or creek or going for a walk, anything outdoors.

Do you have any dream spots you'd like to surf when we can travel again?

Alaska! It's my dream to surf in Alaska. When I graduated school I spent 6 months in Canada. While I was living on Vancouver Island I quickly fell in love with cold water surfing and hope to do much more of it in the future. There’s just something about sitting out in the surf, face completely numb, watching bears walk on the beach and eagles fly over the water that will never cease to amaze me and I’m so grateful to have those days in my memory bank forever. 

What do you consider when looking for swimwear to surf in?

My favourite swimwear is always a one piece. In bikinis I love a high waisted bottom and a top that has support for the boobies! I also love minimal seams in swimwear which saves me from getting rashes while out in the water. 

Describe how surfing makes you feel? 

Overall surfing makes me feel inspired. When you find something you love to do and it helps get you through the tough times in your life it’s pretty special. For me, that’s surfing. 


Lastly, which Hakea styles are you wearing currently? 

The Chacahua Surf Suit in black and the Mariposa Top and Sol Short both in dark taupe. All three of these pieces are supportive and perfect for the surf, not to cheeky and made from such beautifully soft fabric.







Mia wears the dark taupe Aire Turtle Neck, dark taupe Sol Short and olive Tallala Top 

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